Tuesday, March 16, 2010

trying to be a good steward

Last week I decided that I needed a new hobby. Running was fun but my body (my foot in particular) needs some time to recover. After much deliberation I choose eating to be my new hobby. More specifically I decided to try (for one month) a 100 mile diet. I figure I can replace the time I spent running with grocery shopping, cooking, and eating!

I went o the farmers market this weekend and officially started the diet on Monday. I had Louisiana strawberries for breakfast and for dinner made egg salad (with local spicy mayo). For lunch I went out to eat. Obviously going out for lunch does not fit into the diet but I had previously decided on two "cheats." One is coffee. I am simply not ready to give up my caffeine addiction. The second "cheat" is shared meals. I often meet with my mentor or a colleague over a meal and every Sunday my house has family dinner. This community element is too important to me to give up for even a month. Many "locavore" blogs talk about a 100 mile diet by the percentage of local foods consumed. I would guess about 80 to 90 percent of my diet the next month will be local.

Not only does this give me something to put time and energy into while my foot heals, it supports local economy and reduces my carbon foot print on the earth. The following animation is the best things I have found to explain the problems with out current food system. It is a little long and the animation is not stellar but the information is clear and concise. If you don't know much about the dangers of our food system I would recommend it!
(I deleted the video because I got tired of hearing the music every time I visit my blog...google "true cost of food" and you will find it)

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